Rizwan Yusuf

Rizwan Yusuf

Senior Partner

Rizwan is the senior partner of a respected London commercial law firm, XYZ Law.

Rizwan read law at the University of Cambridge. Rizwan trained at Eversheds LLP and qualified into their commercial team. Rizwan subsequently served as general counsel at a large printing firm and prided himself in understanding what clients wanted. Rizwan specialises in commercial work, representing both publicly traded and privately-owned companies. He has advised on numerous corporate transactions, guiding clients on legal, structural and financial issues.

Rizwan prides himself on establishing long-term relationships as a trusted adviser. His strategic counsel is often sought by individuals and businesses involved in complex negotiations and disputes.

He serves as the senior non-executive director of an investment and property group. He is the independent trustee of several families and charitable organisations with substantial investment and trading portfolios.

Rizwan is commended for his “knowledge, drive and contacts” and is described as “a specialist in commercial matters” in recent reviews.

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