The team at Shelter Sheffield explained how we’re helping.

During Ramadan we raised funds for Shelter to help them in the fight to end homelessness. At the start of the campaign the team at Shelter Sheffield we’re kind enough to give our team a presentation explaining the importance of this fundraising and how we are helping.

Together we raised a phenomenal £1010 for Shelter by fundraising and donating a portion of our profits. A massive thank you to everyone involved in the campaign, the team at Shelter and anyone who donated. 

About the XYZ Foundation

The XYZ Foundation (also referred to as the Foundation) is an independent charity, founded by XYZ Law. It has the sole aim of providing funds, resources and mentoring support to help individuals, groups and communities achieve their full potential.

The Foundation has been the focus of charitable giving for XYZ Law and reflects our values and culture of contribution. All operating costs associated with running the Foundation are covered by XYZ Law, so every penny raised goes to supporting good causes.

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